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Growing up a curly brunette in a society that worships straight-haired blondes can pose some real challenges to your self esteem. Watching celebrities like Keri Russell and Mila Kunis happily surrendering their differences to blend in with the archetypal Hollywood stars, and flipping through the only fashion spreads featuring women with hair like mine in over-the-top “ethnic” couture shoots.  Being different, standing out, the constant fear of GIANT HAIR, all lent to the feeling of being “other.” And if my skin was darker, I can only imagine how magnified that feeling would become.

But, for as much as I wished for magically straight hair, when it came down to taming my curls- it always felt disingenuous. Like giving up my trademark. Hair is as much an identifiable trait of personality as is the clothes we choose. Couple that cute, little piece of baggage that I’ve been lugging around with my current feelings about this moment in history… AS. A. WOMAN… and I decided it was time to celebrate that gorgeous otherness. Scream it loud. We DECIDED to worship a white, European ideal, so we can also DECIDE to worship the more sculptural beauty of “natural” hair, as well.

My idea started with sketches, but I quickly realized that they needed to be much bigger- like the hair and the women they represent.

Curly heads, get ready. I mean, after all, aren’t curls works of art on their very own?? Lots of drawing to do, but they are in progress. Stay tuned.