Just when I’ve managed to really wedge myself into my own little, comfort box, a client will come along and dangle a unique opportunity and out I come.  This was one of those projects.

Dr. Anna Vishart, lover of art and orchids, was looking for an interesting way to both deal with the succession of glass doors and windows throughout her new office, and bring a bit of design into the space (her new office was designed by my own talented mom). So, we landed on the idea of these beauties blooming as you walk through her practice.  Their lines work to soften the sleek, modernness and act as a calming breath when we all, inevitably get a bit tense in the dentist’s chair. Take a walk through here, or better yet, stop by in person to stand among them.

orichid11 orichid10

orichid4 orichid5 orichid6