I recently read an article about how inanimate objects or even other people can become extensions of our own body when used enough. It’s the theory of “body schema” or the mental awareness of how we move through space- sort of like the 3rd eye version of a cat’s whiskers. It describes how after using a tool for an extended period of time, you begin to see or feel the edges of that object like you would with your own fingers.

Exactly how I feel when I’m drawing- probably most artists would say the same. You become so focused on the lines, or the act of drawing or painting, paying almost no attention the the physical pen.  There are times when I’m so engrossed that I feel like I’ve grown tentacles or antennae, reaching out to the universe. It’s a little unnerving, very meditative and all comforting.

I grew up dancing and am still a total ballethead. This article begins by spotlighting the Tango and the three minutes that the two dancers are moving together with one brain. Watching my friends dance at Festival Ballet Providence, I am made aware of how true that is. Moving sculpture responding to each other as naturally and as fluid as breathing. Ballet is one of the few art forms that is performed almost exactly as it was hundreds of years ago. Century old stories still being danced, and it’s about as gorgeous as any human can strive to be.

And that was the looong way around to explain these pieces. They were made for FBP during their performances of The Firebird and Afternoon of a Faun. They are a bit different from my usual style…

faun2 firebird3