For my whole life, I grew up calling these trees that bloomed the most lovely floating flowers Dogwoods. Giant, dessert-plate sized blooms that would open in early spring. It wasn’t until I was having dinner one night with my talented, landscape architect friend that I was set straight.

I asked her to name the tree that carried the most delicious, salmon colored petals. Her answer was “Dogwood.” Oh, no, no. I KNOW what a Dogwood looks like and this isn’t it. And I went on to describe once again what she again called a Dogwood. A google search later and what I had been calling a Dogwood all these years was actually a Magnolia tree.  That’s where the idea for this drawing came from. A lesson in horticulture from an ignoramus in the style of a slightly off-kilter Victorian illustration.

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  1. Dan Jones

    Hello Beth

    Nice illustration

    And you don’t have to clean up the refuse (some magnolias on the Gulf Coast drop profusely, if it weren’t for the flowers, also profuse,, people would cut them down)

    Anyway, many varieties in Houston, will look for pictures

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