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Back to school and back to blogging.  I managed to get some sketching done this summer amidst all the kids and craze. And despite the impending plunge into the gray, I really do look forward to the autumn and winter.  From the ghostly crispness of New England in all its glorious, creepy charm, where the first blast of cooler air wakes up that lazy vacationhead, to the battened down hatches of winter. When you live in the Northeast, you are very aware of how precious and short the deck-lounging months are, then I find myself shelving projects in an effort to get outside with my girls and drink in all that warm sunshine. So, when the dark comes quicker and the windows get closed, all of these projects move to the top of the list.

Stay tuned to find out what’s in store. Textiles? Applied design? New production? Yes to it all.insta2_small insta_small


clean-vertdecoeur_small READ MORE

It’s been quite a while since my last post; a summer’s length really. And although the time was nice, I wasn’t sad to be on to the fall. I’ve had Mums planted for a month in an effort to mentally move forward and enjoy the time before the great plunge into the gray.

This is one project that got me excited for the busiest part of our year. Le Vert de Coeur, or the Green of Heart, is pretty obviously just that. A knotted bunch of some of the beautiful flora you’ll find in the gardens of Southside Community Landtrust : tomatoes, raspberries, squash flowers, nasturtium, and bok choy. The bok choy being as close to arteries and veins as you can get in a vegetable. It will be part of the auction at their annual Harvesting Hope fundraiser this Tuesday.



A snippet from my “day job” as a designer- I made these brand cards for an incredible and “sparkly” (as my girls once called her) friend who owns the most adorable apothecary in magical Provincetown, MA. She is one of our many creative and lovely friends who are doing wonderful things and inspire me everyday. If you ever find yourself at the end of the rainbow, stop in to her shop, Kiss and Makeup.


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The ongoing affair I have with minutia…My daughter found this wood slice in the yard and all those teeny, tiny lines were calling to me. You can purchase Wood Slice at iolabs.


An exercise in depth and repetition for interest’s sake. Going to try to add a new tool next go around, we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, ya, we won a Telly for the holiday card I made for the Smithsonian. Pretty neat.


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Padding down a new path for a minute. Combining some thoughts and new elements. Color or no color, you tell me.eye-poppy_color


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A piece I just finished. Peonies.  Slightly off balance, with heavy heads much too large for their necks. I love the march of the ants over the closed blooms, promising summer ahead. Creatures of habit, they can take several years to reestablish themselves after they are moved. A flower I can understand.


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Just finished a slight redesign for the lovely folks at Southside Communtiy Landtrust for their Plant Providence program. Honored that they wanted to use my drawing again this year.

They are pretty fantastic and do amazing work bringing urban agriculture to our Divine Providence. Check them out (, show a little love if you can, or at least stop by their annual plant sale for the lushest greenery grown with love by Rich and the farmers at City Farm.




My good friend, Adam, an industrial designer turned woodsman turned maple syrup endeavorist, asked me to create a logo for his new venture. A maple tree and a fantastic company name later… Here is the STEVENS FAMILY SUGAR WORKS logo. I hope he sells barrels and barrels of it.



For my whole life, I grew up calling these trees that bloomed the most lovely floating flowers Dogwoods. Giant, dessert-plate sized blooms that would open in early spring. It wasn’t until I was having dinner one night with my talented, landscape architect friend that I was set straight.

I asked her to name the tree that carried the most delicious, salmon colored petals. Her answer was “Dogwood.” Oh, no, no. I KNOW what a Dogwood looks like and this isn’t it. And I went on to describe once again what she again called a Dogwood. A google search later and what I had been calling a Dogwood all these years was actually a Magnolia tree.  That’s where the idea for this drawing came from. A lesson in horticulture from an ignoramus in the style of a slightly off-kilter Victorian illustration.



In November a brilliant and dear friend approached me about doing a project for the Smithsonian. No big deal.

She was looking to do something different and unique for their holiday card and had seen a time lapse video I had done of my poppies. And there it started- a time lapse video of a drawing to incorporate the Smithsonian castle, with all its hallmark details in a holiday setting, using a song from the Smithsonian Folkways collection.

3 Tombo markers, 2 GoPros, and a partridge later…this was what we came up with.

Smithsonian Holiday card